Hey guys, we just wanted to let you know, that with the release of The Hunger Games tomorrow we will be putting out a slew of Hunger Games related proposals.

If you’ve read the books or see the movie, and feel inspired, shoot us a message. We’re hoping that by saving all these proposals for after the release of the movie we will have better, and more fitting stills to chose from for backgrounds. 

We hope you like them, and may the odds be in your favor.

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Dear Followers,

We are horrible people and for that we are so extremely sorry. We know we have not been active in the past few weeks, but we are hoping to turn that around. 

BUT to help do that we need some new ideas SUBMITTED. Seriously, we do not watch enough TV and movies to cover all the fandoms we know you love.

So SUBMIT here and we promise to make more proposals right away.

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